CIneECG classifies Bundle Branch Blocks

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A great next step in non invasive cardiac diagnostics! Our software only CineECG technology enables classification of bundle branch blocks by only using 12 lead ECG Data.
We celebrate the publication of a new article on CineECG in Europace, a leading Journal from the European Heart Rhythm Association. The article demonstrates CineECG reduces the physician problem of identifying and classifying Branch Bundle Blocks in the electrical system of the heart. BBB’s are conduction disorders in the large heart chambers and  can induce arrhythmias and impair cardiac function. But making the distinction between these BBB’s and normal cardiac performance is cumbersome. Even more in the early phases of these BBB’s. CineECG relates the ECG data to the heart anatomy and shows the ‘hidden’ conduction patterns in normal ECG output. Click HERE for the article.
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