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ECG-Excellence is all about helping patients and healthcare professionals in making maximum use of the power of 12 lead Electrocardiogram technology. We value this classic technology and all its benefits (non-invasive / rapid / low cost) and our mission is to increase the clinical value of the ECG.



  • Supports Emergency Room professionals and General Practitioners in identifying heart conduction related disorders
  • Support cardiologists and other specialists in ECG based diagnostics and prognostics based in better, earlier and faster information on the heart activation both in the Atria and Ventriculars
  • Supports physicians in early identification of changes in the heart activation (due to the use of medications, disease progress, medical interventions, sports) by enabling ECG waveform comparisons over time
  • Supports patients and their family by making high quality 12 lead ECG recording available in your neighborhood (GP or retail clinic)
  • Supports Cardiologists in monitoring Heart Failure patients over time
  • Supports Cardiologists in CRT non-response reduction by improved patient selection
  • Supports Electrophysiologists in CRT non-response reduction by identifying optimal CRT lead positions in advance
  • Supports Electrophysiologists in CRT non-response reduction by optimizing CRT lead positioning during implant
  • Supports the CRT team in CRT non-response reduction by optimizing the CRT device tuning post-implant based on longitudinal ECG monitoring

READ (click on read) our Science Director's vision on the future of the ECG (article published October 4 2019, Escardio.org)

Why we think our technologies save lives and reduce healthcare costs:

Heart related diseases are one of the most frequent causes of unexpected health problems. The electrocardiogram (ECG), invented 100 years ago by Dutchman Willem Einthoven, helps to find causes for cardiac symptoms. The ECG based heart rhythm analysis is a global accepted technology.

But the ECG data is still underutilized!

Over the past century interpretation of ECG waveforms has remained a huge challenge Variability in electrode placement, differences in heart position/orientation within the Torso and difference in conductivity of the tissues within the Torso (blood, muscle, veins, lungs, etc) add up to variability in ECG waveform output.
According to an article in JAMA Internal Medicine in September 2020 only 54% of 12 lead ECG’s are interpreted correct. The impact is significant: diagnosis are missed or postponed, additional diagnostics are more expensive (CT, Ultrasound, MRI), Patients end up in the wrong hospitals, treatments are started late in the disease stage and thus more expensive. And a special category in Heart Failure treatment needs to be mentioned: Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy still delivers a 30%-35% clinical non-response.

ECG Excellence Technology
ECG-Excellence  requires standard 12 lead ECG data as input. Our software relates the ECG data to the heart anatomy and uses inverse cardiac modeling as a base technology to re-create detailed heart activation maps from the ECG data. This level of data processing is already sufficient to outperform the existing embedded algorithms for ECG waveform analysis. This analysis is supported by the unique standardization of the outputs which are compared with a normal distribution of healthy persons ECG data. This way ECG Excellence supports triage decisions.
Personalization is the next level in our technology approach. By adding ECG electrode positions and data regarding the heart orientation (position and rotation) we further increase the accuracy in the heart activation reconstruction. And the use of the ECG Excellence 3D camera system enables accurate ECG electrode re-positioning over time. A mandatory condition for effective longitudinal ECG monitoring and difference analysis.

Our technology roadmap moves even further by adding on-line realtime ECG based conduction and activation analysis during surgical procedures and by adding @home 12 lead ECG longitudinal recording.

If you are interested in a bit of background on the underlying technology and what it can achieve please read this article publised in the Journal of Electrocardiology in 2017

For a list of relevant scientific publications by our team click HERE

ECG-Excellence solutions are now introduced to the market. We have launched our first SAAS service for remote 12 lead ECG interpretation together with our partners CardioCalm and AMPS.
CineECG is a solution for the ECG Waveform interpretation challenge. CineECG relates the ECG data to the heart anatomy. CineECG is a breakout technology in ECG interpretation. For more information please visit our website CineECG.com
CIneECG can be used via multiple channels, direct via our platform or indirect via trusted partners who have integrated CineECG in their interpretation services.
Partners we are proud to collaborate with are: CardioCalm, AMPS-llc and Fysiologic

ECG-Excellence, founded by Hans Slijp, Peter van Dam and Eelco van Dam is a company building on the results of PEACS, a Dutch based medical technology company with a passion to save lives through enhanced ECG technology. The founders have their roots in medical science, medical technology, cardiac modelling and simulation. Click here to reach the Peacs website.

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