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New CineECG case study published in Jour ...

Congrats to Ton Gorgels and Iris van der Schaaf on the publication of this great CineECG case study in the Journal of Electrocardiology. The article describes a rather complex progressive conduction block in the heart

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Jelectrocardiology delta wave map

New Delta map article published in Journ ...

As of today our new Delta map view on 12-lead ECG waveforms is supported by a great article published in the 76 edition of the Journal of Electrocardiology.

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salah and kashou podcast oct 18 22

CIneECG presented as a key emerging tech ...

In a recent podcast from Mayo Clinic Dr. Anthony Kashou talks to Dr. Salah Al Zaiti from UPMC on emerging technologies for heart disease detection. Our CineECG technology is highlighted which makes us proud.

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