Fast detection of cardiac abnormalities with COVID19

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ECG Excellence is proud to announce the results of a study into the effectiveness of its CineECG technology in detecting heart problems with COVID patients. In this new solution, the well-known 12 lead electrocardiogram or ECG/EKG is used to quickly detect the presence of abnormal heart functions. The results come from the COCVD project, which is supported by Health Holland, and was carried out by the University Medical Center Utrecht and ECG-Excellence. With the help of the CineECG technology, clinicians are given the opportunity to determine upon COVID19 patient admission to hospital whether or not there are heart diseases, which until now were not visible on the ECG. CIneECG uses a digital reconstruction of the ECG data. The rapid diagnosis is of great importance for the treatment and recovery of COVID19 patients.
Read the recent scientific publication HERE

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