The MORE2C system supports nurses and clinicians in positioning the ECG electrodes on the torso. 3D camera's scan the physical characteristics of the patient, and select an appropriate heart-torso model from the embedded database. Patient (male/female/body build) and disease speciffic electrode configurations can be used and repeated time after time.
Applying the MORE2C technology ensures standardized and high quality ECG output and ECG waveforms which can be trusted. Also the MORE2C system supports repositioning of the electrodes which is a mandatory requirement for longitudinal ECG monitoring (see ECG Compare).
THe MORE2C system is currently being developed and tested in leading hospitals.+

Future use of this technology: Personalized Longitundinal ECG based monitoring supporting disease progress tracking, assessing the impact of medication/drugs/sports, treatment confirmation
The MORE2C system is a simple add on to existing 12 lead ECG devices. The system removes the need for ECG positioning training and deliver higher quality ECG output within the same clinical workflow and time constraints. 
THe MORE2C system will be made available combined with the ECG Compare software module in a license proposition.


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