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rabo award

ECG Excellence wins Dutch Rabobank innov ...

1.8 million Rabobank private bankaccount owners were invited to vote for the Rabobank innovation award 2022 And we won!

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ECG Excellence is all about saving lives and reducing healthcare costs by improving the 12 lead Electrocardiogram interpretation.

Most people are aware of the great diagnostic power of the ECG for identifying heart rhythm problems. And the ECG is rapid, low cost and non-invasive.
BUT….. correct ECG Waveform interpretation which is still difficult Only 54% of the ECG’s are interpreted correct. This has a huge impact!! Heart Infarcts are missed in 30% of cases, ambulance and helicopter go to the wrong hospital for 20% of heart patients.

ECG Excellence has the ambition, the knowledge and the technologies to help patients and medical professionals in making ECG waveform interpretation BETTER & FASTER
Our solutions cover the whole patient journey from first line triage to complex CRT implant for heart failure patients.
ECG Excellence supports cardiologists, electrophysiologists and clinicians in:
- early detection of cardiac disorders
- personalized longitudinal ECG monitoring
- machine learning and AI solutions with 12 lead ECG

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