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CIneECG classifies Bundle Branch Blocks

A great next step in non invasive cardiac diagnostics! Our software only CineECG technology enables classification of bundle branch blocks by only using 12 lead ECG Data.

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CineECG COVID T wave

Rapid Detection ‘hidden’ heart problems ...

Nieuwerbrug, January 12,2020. ECG Excellence launches it's COVID19 triage service

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ECG-Excellence delivers solutions to cardiologists, electrophysiologists and clinicians which increases the clinical value of the 12 lead Electrocardiogram.
ECG Excellence exists to support patients and medical professionals in providing better, earlier and lower costs non-invasive cardiac diagnostics enabling state of the art disease detection & treatment options. Our vision: MORE TO SEE IN THE ECG
Our solutions support:
- early detection of cardiac disorders
- personalized longitudinal ECG monitoring
- enabling machine learning and AI solutions with 12 lead ECG

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