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ECG-Excellence triples the clinical value of the Electrocardiogram!
  • Early detection of cardiac diseases
  • Monitoring the cardiac impact of medication, exercise and food supplements
  • Patient specific ECG trend analysis
Latest News: PROUD WINNER of the Websummit 2018 Machine Demo competition!!!

Heart related diseases are one of the most frequent causes of unexpected health problems. The electrocardiogram (ECG), invented 100 years ago, helps to find causes for cardiac symptoms. ECG-Excellence now introduces a new technology to use ECG wave patterns analysis for early detection of life threatening diseases. ECG-Excellence converts the standard 12 lead ECG recording devices to instruments  for next level ECG diagnostics, preventive screening and disease progression monitoring. ECG-Excellence triples the clinical value of the ECG!

Background information:
Today ECG diagnostics is mainly based on heart rhythm analysis. This type of analysis only looks at the intervals between peaks in the heart rhythm. Additional clinical insights can be found in analysis the wave patterns in depth. The wave pattern details indicate the level of polarization and depolarization of the 2 billion heart cells, indicate the wave the electric currents flow across the heart tissue and provide inside in the level of synchronisation of chambers and valves. Plus additional expert insights in the performance of once heart. However, getting clinical value from  analysing the wave patterns requires skills, experience and accuracy. And the latter is the weakest link in the measurement system. The key to the improvement of wave pattern analysis is reducing the impact of  variability in electrode placement. A small difference in an electrode location on the human torso (in 50% (male) or 80% (female) one or more electrodes are not placed on the required location) results in a significant change in recorded wave patterns. Cardiologists, lacking data on the electrode position, alas cannot evaluate the subtle pattern abnormalities in the ECG morphology. Result: Late diagnosis and/or late detection of disease only after symptoms are felt by the patient. And, given the variability no ECG comparision on a personal level is possible, hindering the option for tracking changes through time.       
ECG-Excellence corrects the data for the electrode locations. ECG-Excellence combines standard ECG data with 3D imaging and novel ECG-Excellence algorithms. First pilot tests have been executed by the ECG-Excellence team and show early identification of cardiac problems is possible.  Achieved accuracy and consistency of the ECG-Excellence hard- and software enables the medical professional to compare a person’s ECG through time.  And detect subtle changes between the recordings. Peter van Dam, co-founder of ECG-Excellence: “it’s our ambition and passion to save lives through enhanced ECG technology!”.

In November 2018 we had the privilege to present our technology on the Web Summit conference in Lisbon. Participating in the machine demo compettion brought us to the final which we are proud to have won. In the video you can see our presentation in the final.

ECG-Excellence can support:
  • The early detection of diseases such as Brugada, Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy, Atrial Fibrillation , atherosclerosis (especially in female hearts) or cardiac diseases within the population of diabetes patients. Early detection often saves lives and health care costs;
  • The monitoring of the impact of cardiac surgery, the impact of taking medication/drugs/foods supplements and the impact of intense sports activities. And thus avoids unexpected strokes or death.
See our graphic video  to learn more on our company and innovation. 

ECG-Excellence is a company building on the results of PEACS, a Dutch based medical technology company with a passion to save lives through enhanced ECG technology. The founders have their roots in medical science, medical technology and cardiac modelling and simulation. 

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